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Have Blindeye tell your nonprofit's story on video

Blindeye has been telling meaningful stories through video production to help nonprofits raise money for 10 years. ​Through our video-led fundraising campaigns, our nonprofits have

raised over 21.4 million dollars

Client - Neighborhood Resilience Project
Client - TNC Community

Annual Contracts

Blindeye can work with your nonprofit to shoot videos on an annual basis! This gives us the opportunity to reuse and repurpose video content. It lowers your cost and creates more opportunities to create videos as social media content and e-blasts. Here are two videos from FOCUS North America and Reconciliation Services made from repurposed footage for a brand-new fundraising campaign.  



Does your nonprofit have an upcoming fundraising event that Blindeye can capture on video or live-stream? 



A House with Many Rooms (2024)

A House With Many Rooms tells the story of the Stacey and Kevin Bryce as they navigate through the American foster care system. The journey takes them down roads they didn't expect and through both painful and joyful experiences they couldn't have imagined. They find themselves desperate to bring stability to children lost in an unpredictable world. It's an honest undertaking of what it means to welcome traumatized children into your home. Ultimately, it is a story of family: broken, messy, and beautiful.


As You Were (2023)

As You Were is a 4-part mini-series telling stories from veterans of the 5 major American conflicts between 1945 and 2021. It is first hand accounts of training, travel, camaraderie and combat from Korea through Afghanistan.

Made In America (2021)

Made In America is a beautiful exposé of the grip trauma can have over an entire community. The story digs deep into the trauma plaguing America's inner cities and how this trauma is painfully similar to the trauma experienced by American combat veterans.

The Made In America documentary poster
The All These Flowers documentary poster

All These Flowers (2017)

All These Flowers screened at 8 film festivals across the country. It won a SAMHSA Voice Award and the Spotlight Documentary Gold Award. It aired on KCPT and is now streaming. It documents the journey and life of 6 individuals who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Now available on Amazon Prime.

We Are Superman (2012)

We Are Superman was syndicated by PBS and aired on over 80 channels across the country nearly 1000 times. It is regularly screened in middle/high schools and colleges, with a college curriculum taught around it at the University of Missouri. Those involved in the film including the film’s director have been interviewed on KCUR, KCTV5, KKFI, along with The Star,The Pitch, and other media outlets. It won the Emerging Filmmakers award at the Kansas City Film Fest in 2013. Currently it is being distributed to TV outlets across Europe. It explores the historic racial and economic dividing line in Kansas City MO.

The We Are Superman documentary poster

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