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Top 5 Finalist Winner of Shore Scripts 2024

While video and documentary production is the bread and butter of Blindeye, the reason I got into filmmaking was to do just that-- make films!

I've had a love for writing and storytelling since I was about 6 years old. My mother recently sent us a children's book I wrote in the first grade called "The Fattest Dinosaur", it has since become a smash success among my 4 and 6-year-old sons (spoiler alert, the dinosaur's fatness causes the global extinction of dinosaurs). While Film was my college major, I was sure to add a creative writing minor in order not to leave my childhood love behind.

Fast forward to two years ago. In the life eclipse of Covid-19, I finally returned to my love for writing and began working on my first feature screenplay. It was a simple story about a Canadian fleeing the fallout of a giant midwestern earthquake to reunite with his pregnant wife in Canada. A fun script, albeit exhausting to write. I'm currently 7 drafts deep with an eighth draft pending.

Enter, my second screenplay- The Leaves Will Change. The story of a conservative Catholic father who discovers that his son is not straight and must learn to reconcile his commitment to his faith with his love for his family. I haven't finished the first draft, but already I can tell it has more strength than my first piece.

The challenge with writing scripts is always finding and receiving helpful, constructive, AFFORDABLE feedback. And so I began looking online- and found Shore Scripts. For a nominal fee, you can submit the first 10 pages of your script in hopes of getting a top spot and receive some feedback.

It was so encouraging to find out it had scored as a top 5 finalist. It felt like a helpful pat on the back to keep digging into this story with a coming critique to boot! I'm so grateful there are communities and groups out there like Shore Scripts supporting independent writers. Many thanks to Shore Scripts for doing what you do!

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