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Blindeye Videos for Persons with Disabilities

In 2019 we were commissioned by Reconciliation Services to produce a video that highlighted the artwork of local Kansas City artist, Jorge Castillo. Initially, we felt this presented us with a unique challenge because Jorge is deaf. But our perspective quickly changed from challenge to opportunity. It was an opportunity for Blindeye as an organization to begin to consider what it means to produce videos for and with those who live with disabilities. It was a simple video, nothing flashy. But it was so important for the growth and development of our work. How can we begin to produce videos with everyone (everyone!) in mind? What changed with Jorge's video was a commitment to offer and encourage clients to produce a version of their videos with subtitles embedded, free of charge.

Then, last year, another such opportunity came in. We were hired to produce a video for TNC Community. TNC champions equity and inclusion for individuals with disabilities, inspiring lives of dignity, belonging, and joy. It was crucial for us to be able to interview and hear from those who were supported by TNC. Not only did we want to include persons living with disabilities in the video, but we wanted it to be watchable and easy to take in as well. In addition to making subtitles available, we adjusted the pace, footage, and the edit of the video appropriately.

These are simple changes, and we've got a lot to learn and a long way to go. But at Blindeye, we're committed to being teachable. We hope to grow to join with TNC in championing equity and inclusion for all.

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